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Trigger Point Therapy Workshop

Course Schedule : 23/10-29/10/2017

Workshop Fee HK$1800 per module; HK$8800 for 5 module

Module/Workshop Objectives.

  • Explain to attendees the physical effects that trigger points produce.
  • Explain to attendees the procedure required to heal the muscles involved
  • Attendees will participate with a partner to palpate trigger points.
  • Attendees will practice and apply techniques they have learnedto treat trigger points in different locations of the body.
  • Upon completion of a module, attendees will learn the basic knowledge and symptoms of trigger points associated with that module.
  • Upon completion of a module, all attendees will receive a signed “Certificate of Completion” thatincludes the module name, date of attendance, as well as the name of the attendee.

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